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Ace Carpet Cleaning uses only the most advanced systems on the market today. We insist on the best equipment and products utilizing hot water extraction. The procedures we use do not leave excess moisture in the carpet or leave a sticky residue behind. You can expect maximum soil and spot removal. Anything that is not a permanent stain can be removed with our cutting edge procedures.


Instead of replacing an entire room of carpet a small repair might be just right for you and easy on your wallet. We can repair burn marks, a hole that your favorite pet dug, or even a rip or tear with a patch or bonded insert. Carpet repair is a cost effective way to have your carpet looking new again and is a common service. If you have small spots of carpet damage, give us a call before you replace your carpet. 


You spend almost a third of your life sleeping on a mattress. Shouldn’t it be a clean, comfortable surface? Your mattress can be filled with millions of allergy causing dust mites and other allergens. If you are like most Americans you have neglected to have your mattress deep cleaned. If you are one of the millions of allergy sufferers in this nation you may greatly reduce your symptoms by having your mattress deep cleaned semi-annually to rid your sleeping surface of allergens


Are you sure you need to replace your tile floor? Ace Carpet Cleaning refreshes existing tile, saving you a load of cash! Our technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC to properly care for your tile and grout. We use the most effective products and procedures on the market today. We remove years of dirt and grime from your grout and ensure your tile looks like new again. You'll be amazed with our results! Selling or flipping your home? Having bright, clean tile and grout will leave a lasting impression and may increase your chances of receiving a prompt offer.


Furniture is likely one of your most expensive investments and you should care for them as such. We at Ace Carpet Cleaning will use our steam cleaning method when ever possible for maximum soil removal. However, some fabrics are too delicate for this method and our educated cleaning technicians will determine the right cleaning methods for your upholstery. Call us today and we'll revitalize your chair cushions, seats, sofas, office furniture, and more!


Water damage in your home or business can be devastating and dangerous. Don’t go at it alone and attempt to remove or repair without the proper tools and safety measures. At Ace Carpet Cleaning, we know all about water extraction and have the proper tools and resources to perform water restoration. Let us get your home or business back into a safe and functional environment. We respond quickly to water damage inquiries and have worked in these problem areas: 
  • Appliance issue or error leading to flooding or water damage
  • Flooding caused by heavy rains
  • Sink or plumbing water line breaks or leaks
  • Damage to the home that impacted water pipes and soiled tile, carpet, or other flooring
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